Florida Medical Malpractice Lawsuit For Infant’s Finger Severed In A Hospital

In October, 2011, a 15-year-old mother brought her then 3-month-old daughter to a local Florida hospital when her daughter spiked a fever and had bronchitis. The little girl was hospitalized for three days for treatment of her medical condition. An IV that had been placed in her hand for medical treatment purposes had to be removed before she could be discharged.

As the mother held her infant daughter on her lap, the nurse who was assigned the duty to remove the IV line began to cut the bandage on the infant’s left hand that secured the IV tube when the mother heard her daughter begin to scream and cry, noticed a great deal of blood on both her and her daughter, and saw that the end of her daughter’s pinkie had been negligently severed by the nurse. The nurse called for the doctors who found the severed pinkie on the floor and had the infant transferred to another hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to reattach the portion of the infant’s severed pinkie because the nerve endings were too small.

The family of the infant girl hired a medical malpractice attorney to attempt to negotiate a settlement with the original hospital. The medical malpractice attorney contacted the hospital but allegedly the hospital failed to respond in a timely fashion. When settlement negotiations failed to resolve the medical malpractice claim, the family’s medical malpractice attorney recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on the family’s behalf.


It would seem pretty clear that the nurse who inadvertently cut and severed the tip of the infant girl’s left pinkie was careless in performing the simple medical procedure of cutting a bandage that was securing an IV line. It is not clear at this time why the injury occurred; it may have been due to negligent training by the hospital and/or the negligent performance of the task by the nurse.

In any event, the now 8-month-old infant will live with the visible effects of her injury for the rest of her life. And her mother is suffering from the emotional trauma that evidently resulted in nightmares and other manifestations of mental anguish. A medical malpractice jury may ultimately have to decide the value of the infant’s and her mother’s losses if the parties to the medical malpractice lawsuit cannot resolve the claims.

If you or a loved one suffered losses due to medical malpractice that occurred in a hospital, in a doctor’s office, in a medical clinic, or elsewhere, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your losses. A prompt consultation with a local medical malpractice lawyer may assist you in finding out if you have a valid medical malpractice claim and learning about your legal rights and responsibilities regarding you medical malpractice claim.

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