Florida Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Claims Needle Left In Plaintiff During Childbirth 15 Years Ago

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed in Florida alleging that when the plaintiff was giving birth to her son fifteen years ago at a naval hospital in Florida, a needle broke off and was left in her spine during administration of anesthesia, but the medical providers failed to advise her of such and the medical records left out that fact, only mentioning that the anesthesia medication that was supposed to be administered through the needle did not take.

The plaintiff alleges in her Florida medical malpractice lawsuit that when she gave birth at Naval Hospital Jacksonville on September 5, 2003 by Cesarean section delivery, she elected to not have general anesthesia but to have spinal anesthesia instead. The plaintiff alleges that the Cesarean delivery took approximatley 40 minutes instead of the several minutes she expected.

The Florida medical malpractice plaintiff alleges in her lawsuit that the extra time for the procedure was due to a needle breaking off in her spine when the anesthesiologist attempted to administer the medication into her spine. The plaintiff alleges that between one-third and one-half of the needle broke off in her spine but was not retrieved at that time. Instead of being told what had happened at that time, the plaintiff alleges that the medical staff hid the incident from her and failed to disclose such in her medical records.

As a result of the needle being left in her spine, the plaintiff claims she suffered many years of back and leg pain. She sought diagnosis of her chronic complaints for many years, without success, until a CT scan discovered the broken needle lodged in her spine at the L4 level. When she finally discovered the source of her leg and back pain, the plaintiff consulted with three neurosurgeons regarding removing the needle from her spine but was advised that the risks of removal were too great to perform removal surgery at that time.

The plaintiff’s federal medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed in March 2018 pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act was met by the Navy’s motion to dismiss, alleging that the plaintiff waited too long to file her lawsuit. The plaintiff argues that she was intentionally misled or left unaware of the medical negligence incident in 2003, and that she reasonably discovered the cause of her back pain and leg pain, which she was told for years was due to the normal aging process and due to radiculopathy, only after the CT scan revealed the actual cause of her chronic back and leg complaints.


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