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We often hear people ask us, “who is the best medical malpractice lawyer in my area?” Sometimes, it is easy to answer that question because one particular medical malpractice lawyer or medical malpractice law firm stands out, above and beyond other medical malpractice lawyers in the area. We can help those people connect with those lawyers.

Most times, however, there is not one, single medical malpractice lawyer who is considered so much better than the others in a certain geographic area. Often, there are two or more medical malpractice lawyers who are considered more experienced and knowledgeable than others and who may obtain better results for their clients in medical malpractice cases. (Nonetheless, past performance is not a guarantee of a similar result in future cases.)

Perhaps the better question to ask is “who is the best medical malpractice lawyer in my area for my type of case?” For instance, some medical malpractice lawyers and their law firms are better known for handling birth injury medical malpractice cases or wrongful death medical malpractice cases. Some medical malpractice lawyers limit their practice to dental malpractice cases. Others have more experience in surgical malpractice cases than in other types of medical malpractice cases.

Some medical malpractice law firms have nurses or other medical professionals on staff who are able to review potential medical malpractice cases in order for the law firm to decide which medical malpractice cases to accept (most medical malpractice law firms accept very few of the medical malpractice inquiries they receive and the potential cases they review). Most experienced medical malpractice law firms have trusted medical experts with whom they have consulted in the past to determine if there has been a breach of the standard of care that has caused harm to the potential client, and to testify in the case, if necessary.

One misapprehension we encounter among callers to our free service that helps find medical malpractice lawyers for medical malpractice victims throughout the United States is the belief that they must hire a medical malpractice law firm that has prior experience in handling cases such as their case. While that may be advisable or desirable in certain types of medical malpractice cases (such as birth injury medical malpractice cases), it is not necessarily critical in many cases – medical malpractice lawyers rely on their hired experts to educate them on the medicine involved in the case and they retain qualified experts who not only provide the critical testimony to establish the liability of the medical malpractice defendant(s) named in the lawsuit, but who can also effectively educate the jury as to the medical issues involved in the case as well as how the negligent acts or omissions of the defendant health care provider(s) caused or contributed to the harm suffered by their client.

It is often difficult to find medical malpractice attorneys on your own to help you with your claim – not every instance of medical malpractice, no matter how obvious, will result in the victim being compensated for their injuries and losses. Many people who contact us have questions regarding what happened to them or their loved ones, and we attempt to find them appropriate medical malpractice lawyers nearby them so they can have their questions answered. Our service is free to you. We have successfully found lawyers for medical malpractice victims throughout the United States.

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Turn to us when you don’t know where to turn.

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