Fake California Cancer Doctor’s Home/Office Searched

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAn El Cerrito, California man’s home and his Richmond, California business address have been searched by law enforcement authorities in conjunction with an investigation into the man’s alleged illegal representations to patients that he was a cancer doctor, who physically examined them and treated them with prescription medications.

The raids by police reportedly resulted in the confiscation of over 25,000 doses of prescription medications. The fake cancer doctor is facing serious criminal charges of practicing medicine without a medical license and illegally furnishing prescription medications. There may be thousands of terminally ill cancer patients who were “treated” by the man, who himself had been a former cancer patient but was never a licensed doctor, throughout the State of California.

In one reported case, the fake cancer doctor received thousands of dollars from a cancer patient, who is the mother of two children and was desperate to find appropriate treatment for her serious cancer diagnosis. The man allegedly mixed medications in his office and instructed the woman to drink the mixture. She complained to the “doctor” that the medication was burning her mouth, to which the man reportedly responded by saying that the burning sensation meant that the mixture was still active. The woman became suspicious and contacted authorities, who began their investigation.

Investigators allege that the fake cancer doctor prescribed his “patients” dangerous medications, provided empty pills, and even prescribed “dirt” as cancer treatments.


Terminally ill cancer patients are among the most vulnerable and desperate patients who may be willing to try (and pay for) just about any proposed therapy, no matter how strange or unusual it may seem, to extend their lives or achieve a promised cure. Desperate people are a magnet for unscrupulous con artists and criminals who prey on such people, to separate them from their money.

Whether health care criminals are licensed to practice their medical specialty or are outright cheats, it probably means little to those who are scammed and harmed by inappropriate or negligent medical care. An appropriately licensed but incompetent doctor or other health care professional is just as dangerous to patients as those who have no legitimate medical training or licensure.

An important difference for patients harmed by bad medical care, however, is that a licensed medical provider often has the backing of his/her medical malpractice insurance company that is willing to spend enormous amounts of money and provide an aggressive and prolonged defense no matter how bad the medical care, how bad the injuries and harm that resulted from the bad medical care, or who the victims of bad medical care (such as newborns, children, and the elderly) are.

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