DNA Diagnostics Center Sued By Baltimore Man For False Paternity Test Result

A Baltimore man who was determined by DNA Diagnostics Center to be the father of a one-year-old girl based on its at-home DNA testing kit and later learned by repeat DNA testing that he was not the father has filed a lawsuit against the company, seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages for his costs of providing financial support for the child and the child’s mother as well as the emotional trauma he suffered when the bond he had developed with the child was broken after the truth was learned.

The lawsuit that was filed on December 11, 2019 in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City also seeks punitive damages against the company.

The Alleged Facts

After the child was born on April 6, 2018, and the mother told him that he was the father, the plaintiff purchased an at-home DNA paternity test manufactured by DNA Diagnostics Center from a local drug store on May 3, 2019. The plaintiff sent in check swabs from himself and the child, and three days later was advised that the probability that he was the child’s father was 99.9999999995%, according to his lawsuit.

A friend of the mother allegedly told the plaintiff three months later that another man was the child’s father. The plaintiff purchased another at-home DNA paternity test manufactured by DNA Diagnostics Center. The results from that test reportedly established zero probability that the plaintiff was the child’s father. The result of the second DNA paternity test was later confirmed by a paternity test taken at a local health care facility – he was not the father, according to the man’s lawsuit.

The plaintiff’s attorney stated with regard to the false paternity test result: “He’s filled with sorrow about it, and it took a long time to tell his family that he wasn’t the father, because his family bonded with the child too. When a family goes all in and bonded to the child like he did and finds this out, it’s devastating.”

DNA Diagnostics Center reportedly claims to analyze almost one million DNA samples each year and that is the “trusted laboratory” for government agencies and legal professionals, and is used to settle paternity disputes on television shows such as “Maury,” “Dr. Phil,” and “Paternity Court.” The plaintiff’s lawsuit claims that DNA Diagnostics Center claims on its website that its paternity testing is “100% accurate.”


DNA Diagnostics Center states on its website: “If you need paternity answers fast, but don’t need results for legal reasons like child support or custody, you can order an at-home DNA paternity test kit from DDC … We run your test twice to guarantee accurate results. No other DNA testing laboratory takes this extra step for every paternity test.”


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