February 9, 2013

162017_132140396847214_292624_nThe family of a former Connecticut nursing home resident has filed a lawsuit against the nursing home, alleging that the nursing home resident was sexually assaulted in her room by an unknown person, on or about July 17, 2010. The resident died a few weeks after the alleged incident. The family’s civil lawsuit against the nursing home was filed before the criminal investigation into the alleged sexual assault was completed. The family’s nursing home complaint alleges that the nursing home failed to protect the elderly resident from the sexual assault, failed to have adequate security at the nursing home facility, failed to report the alleged sexual assault to the police, and failed to inform the resident’s family regarding the alleged sexual assault incident.

The nursing home lawsuit claims that as a result of the sexual assault, the resident feared acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and she suffered severe emotional distress, conscious pain and suffering, and ultimately death. The resident’s family is seeking in excess of $15,000 for the resident’s medical expenses and funeral expenses as a result of the alleged sexual assault.

In response to the family’s nursing home negligence lawsuit, a spokesperson for the nursing home stated that the nursing home is conducting “… a full investigation into the facts and findings and continues to commit full resources to uncover the facts which continue to unfold.”


Unfortunately, claims against nursing homes as a result of alleged sexual abuse or the rape of residents are becoming more common. All too often nursing home residents become victims of sexual abuse because their tormentors take advantage of the residents’ reduced cognitive level, their inability to physically oppose the sexual abuse, their fear that they will not be believed regarding the sexual abuse they suffered, their fear of suffering further harms or retaliation if they tell others of the sexual abuse that they have endured, their weakened physical state, their other physical and mental vulnerabilities, and their feeling of being powerless to prevent the sexual abuse. Caregivers who sexually abuse nursing home residents who are placed in their care know that their victims often are unable to comprehend or express what has happened to them or fear what may become of them if they report the sexual abuse.

Imagine being an elderly nursing home resident, who has lost her independence, who has no alternative to nursing home care and is confined to the nursing home facility, who has no one to protect or advocate for her, and who must rely on others for all personal care and necessary assistance with activities of daily living, being sexually violated by the very person who is supposed to be taking care of her: who will believe her, how can she prevent the person from further abusing her, and what assurances does she have that she will not be worse off if she speaks up about the sexual abuse? Can you imagine the mental suffering and emotional distress that living with past sexual abuse and fearing future sexual abuse would have on a vulnerable nursing home resident?

If you or a loved one have been sexually abused while a resident of a nursing home, you should promptly contact a local nursing home claim attorney to assist you with your claim against the nursing home and/or the abuser.

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