May 9, 2012

On May 3, 2012, a Connecticut legislator who is also a medical doctor headed an effort to stop a medical malpractice reform measure that had already passed in the Connecticut Senate by an overwhelming vote of 32 to 3. The proposed measure would have made it easier for victims of medical malpractice to file medical malpractice claims against their negligent health care providers. With the lead of the doctor in the Connecticut House, the measure was defeated on a vote of 74 to 69 after several hours of debate.

The medical  malpractice reform measure would have softened the requirement regarding certifying medical experts in medical malpractice cases filed in Connecticut to allow a “qualified” medical expert as an alternative to a medical expert in a “similar” health care field to provide the necessary written report regarding the medical malpractice defendant’s deviation from the standard of care. Under the current Connecticut medical malpractice law, the requirement for a certifying medical expert is higher than for a medical expert who testifies during a medical malpractice trial. For a more detailed explanation of Connecticut’s current law and the proposed changes to the medical malpractice law that failed on May 3, 2012, see our blog for April 29, 2012.

The doctor/legislator was successful in employing scare and fear tactics to defeat the medical malpractice amendment that would benefit all victims of medical malpractice in Connecticut. The doctor/legislator told his colleagues that the flow of medical specialists into Connecticut would slow and that current Connecticut medical professionals would either retire or move away from Connecticut if the amendment was passed. Instead of demanding that the issue of threatened harm to the medical profession in  Connecticut be studied to determine if there was any basis for the concern, enough of the Connecticut House members caved in to “the sky is falling” argument and threw medical malpractice claimants’ interests “under the bus.”


When will ordinary citizens in communities throughout our country finally rise up and demand that their elected representatives represent them and everyone equally, without granting special rights and special benefits to powerful special interest groups such as doctors, which result in harm to everyone else? When will our elected officials stop pandering to special interest groups that heavily lobby them for unjustified special treatment? When will medical professionals realize that they and their interests are not above or superior to the interests of all others and that they are not entitled to special treatment not available to others? What will it take (and from whom) to lower medical professionals from their self-installed pedestals and relieve them from their self-indulgent, high-and-mighty, better-than-thou egos and attitudes that harm their communities?

Do not let your state’s elected representatives legislate away your legal rights and your family’s financial interests when health care providers push for medical malpractice “reform” under the threat that they will give up their medical practices if they do not receive the special treatment they demand. Call their bluff — they will not sacrifice their own financial interests by abandoning their lucrative medical businesses.

Stand up for your rights before medical malpractice lays you down!

If you or a family member have become a medical malpractice victim in Connecticut or in another state in the U.S., the prompt advice from a medical malpractice attorney in your state is important to learn about and protect your legal rights.

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