Colorado Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed For 18-Year-Old Who Suffered Severe Brain Injury During Breast Enhancement Surgery

The parents of an 18-year-old woman who chose to have breast enhancement surgery on August 1, 2019 following her graduation from high school in order to enhance her self-confidence have filed a Colorado medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon and the nurse anesthetist performing the procedure alleging that their negligence during the breast enhancement surgery caused their daughter to be in a coma-like state that has confined her to a nursing home with feeding tubes and oxygen hooked up to her body.

The woman and her parents believed that breast enhancement surgery was safe because several of the woman’s friends and family members had successfully had the procedure themselves, without complications.

The parents’ Colorado medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the defendant nurse anesthetist negligently administered anesthesia to their daughter and negligently failed to properly monitor her. About fifteen minutes after the anesthesia was administered, the surgical staff noticed that the young woman’s face and lips were blue, and the woman suffered cardiac arrest. The defendant surgeon resuscitated the woman but she suffered another cardiac arrest a few minutes later. Her pulse and respiration returned again but she did not regain consciousness.

The parents’ medical malpractice lawsuit claims that their daughter remained on the operating room table for five hours after suffering cardiac arrests before the staff called 911. The mother was unaware of her daughter’s condition until she arrived as scheduled late in the afternoon to pick her up following the surgery. The mother alleges that the defendant surgeon told her “everything went fine” but that the surgery was not performed because her daughter’s heart rate had dropped: “”He said everything is fine, Emmalyn is fine, everything is good. She’s young, she’s healthy, she’ll be okay, it’s just taking her long to wake up.”

The woman was not transported to the hospital until about four-and-a-half hours later, where she was determined to have suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. She remains unresponsive and in a minimally neurological state, requiring 24-hour care.

The mother recently stated, “Her body is still there but she’s not there, so we feel like we lost a daughter.”

The defense attorney for the defendant nurse anesthetist, who had settled a medical malpractce claim against him in 2012 following the death of a woman who suffered brain damage during breast enhancement surgery for which he was the nurse anesthetist, stated, “Mr. Meeker’s care was reasonable and within the standard of care and we are confident that the facts will bear this out.”


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