December 9, 2012

On November 28, 2012, the family of a 92-year-old Chicago-area nursing home resident filed a medical malpractice nursing home claim against the woman’s nursing home after 57 maggots were found living in her left ear. The maggots were discovered on September 16, 2012, when a nurse at the nursing home saw a maggot moving within the resident’s ear after observing the resident tugging and scratching at her ear. The woman was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and relied on the nursing home staff to provide her with all of her needs of daily living, including grooming and keeping her clean.

An ambulance transported the woman from the nursing home to the hospital. In the hospital’s emergency room, the woman’s daughter watched in horror and disbelief as the maggots were removed from her mother’s left ear. The maggots were sent to a lab and were determined to be about three days old.

For nine days before the maggots were discovered, the woman had been receiving prescription ear drops four times a day for wax in her ears that was due to her enlarged ear canal as a result of a prior surgery. Her last dose of the medicated ear drops was supposedly administered to her the night before the maggots were observed in her ear although the woman’s family question if  the drops were actually being administered if the maggots were not discovered earlier.

The woman’s 88-year-old husband was paying the nursing home $10,000 per month for his wife’s care and had paid $270,000 of their life savings to the nursing home. The woman’s family trusted the nursing home to provide her with the care that it promised that it could provide and never suspected that their loved one would suffer such a degrading and disgusting unsanitary condition.

An investigation of the family’s complaint filed with the Illinois Department of Public Health determined that there were no violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

A representative of the nursing home alleges that the nursing home did nothing wrong with regard to the woman’s care, noting that the nursing home records for the woman documented the care that was supposedly provided to the resident. The representative responded to the medical malpractice claims against the nursing home by stating, “This is a freak occurrence that has nothing to do with the care she was provided or the environment she was living in.”

The medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the nursing home claims that the woman suffered severe injuries and was the victim of elder abuse and nursing home neglect due to the nursing home’s failure to provide the resident with a reasonable standard of professional care. The lawsuit requests that a jury decide the parties’ claims and defenses and seeks damages in excess of $50,000.


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