Cat Bite Leads To Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA 41-year-old Michigan woman who was bitten by a cat and then received allegedly inadequate emergency medical care at a local hospital has filed a medical malpractice case against the Michigan hospital, and others, seeking compensatory damages in excess of $75,000.

The Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed on November 25, 2015 claims that the defendants failed to provide her appropriate medical care that was within the standard of care when she was treated in emergency rooms in April and May 2013, which led to unanticipated complications from the cat bite.

The plaintiff was bitten by her sister-in-law’s new cat that she graciously agreed to care for. While she was feeding the cat in a garage, a stray cat from the neighborhood entered the garage, which led to a classic “cat fight.” The plaintiff attempted to intervene between the battling cats, which led her to being bitten on her thumb, hand, and left forearm.

The plaintiff initially cleaned her bite wounds but soon developed signs of an infection. She went to a local hospital on April 11, 2013 after she developed two abscesses located on the inner portion of her left wrist. She had to return to the emergency room on May 5, 2013 after she developed additional medical problems related to the infected cat bites. Her third visit to the emergency room on May 5, 2013 led to her being given antibiotics and referred to a hand surgeon at another hospital.

The plaintiff had three appointments with the hand surgeon after which she obtained her medical records. She was concerned when she read that the records revealed that she had suspicious lesions on the bones in her hand, which led her to seek medical treatment at the defendant hospital on May 26, 2013.

After waiting 12 hours in the emergency room during which she experienced pain, fever, and cognitive problems, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of osteomyelitis involving the radius of her left wrist, cellulitis, anemia, acute renal failure, and rashes, all due to complications arising from the infected cat bites.

The plaintiff’s Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that incompetent medical care she received in the defendant hospital regarding her acute renal failure and her anemia, along with inadequate discharge instructions she received from the defendant hospital, led to her experience prolonged and severe pain, weakness, and disability.

The plaintiff’s Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit contains two counts alleging medical negligence against the defendant hospital, seven physicians, and other named medical malpractice defendants.


The medical care provided by hospitals is only as good as the people who provide that care. If a hospital or its staff has caused you or a loved one to suffer serious harm, you may have the basis for a medical malpractice claim.

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