A Case Of Medical Malpractice In Canada

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn April 8, 2005, a woman had surgery in Canada to address a bladder condition. She woke up in excruciating pain that did not subside when she arrived home after the surgery. The pain was so bad that she was unable to walk on her own; she also had a fever.

Over the following months, she went to medical appointment after medical appointment to find out what was wrong with her but it was not until she was seen by a urologist who used a scope to examine her internally that she was told that the mesh tape used during her surgery had been accidentally punctured, causing shards of the mesh to be in her bladder.

The woman had three surgeries (two in Canada) to remove the shards of the mesh tape in her bladder but the surgeons in Canada failed to remove all of the tape. Her four-year ordeal involved numerous medical tests and numerous referrals to various surgeons and physicians in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. The woman criticized the medical referral system that she was enmeshed in that she blames for the long delay in addressing and correcting her medical issues following her surgery.

Desperate for proper medical care, the woman contacted a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York, who found some tape remained in the woman’s urethra that was finally removed at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars that she requested the Saskatchewan government to pay (which it finally agreed to pay shortly before the surgery in the U.S.).

The woman filed a Canadian medical malpractice claim as a result of her surgeon’s alleged failure to perform the surgery properly and to properly diagnose her condition post-operatively. She was awarded $270,000 in her medical malpractice case by a judge who determined that “the defendant was negligent during the surgery and post-operatively in failing to observe blood in the plaintiff’s discharge or ignoring the blood in the discharge … [that] meant that the patient’s surgery was not corrected, leaving her in pain and discomfort for years.”

The judge was also critical of the Saskatchewan medical system as experienced by the woman: “[she] suffered for nearly four years as a result of the defendant’s negligence and found no relief in Canada despite her continuous efforts to solve her problems,” which echoed the woman’s comment that “I would describe the process as an obstacle course. And those who can somehow muck through it can get service … the patient knows nothing of all of the goings on of the referral process unless you call and find out and beg and cry and find a way around  the system. And you shouldn’t have to do that.”


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