Bad Butt Surgery Results In Nevada Medical Malpractice Claims

The survivors of a woman who died while undergoing butt enhancement surgery in the back room of a beauty salon in Nevada have filed wrongful death medical malpractice claims against the now-incarcerated husband and wife team who attempted the deadly cosmetic surgery.

The 42-year-old Las Vegas woman desired cosmetic surgery for enhancement of her buttocks. The employees of a beauty salon referred the woman to the unlicensed Colombian couple for the cut-rate cosmetic surgery procedure to be performed in the back room of the salon. The woman died during the procedure. An autopsy revealed that the woman was injected with lidocaine that caused her to have an unusual reaction that led to her death.

The Colombian couple were arrested as they attempted to board a flight to Colombia. In August, 2011, the couple pleaded guilty to two felonies (involuntary manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license) and one misdemeanor (conspiracy). They are presently serving four-to-eight years prison sentences.

Two separate medical malpractice cases were filed: one was filed by the surviving husband on his own behalf and on behalf of the two minor children of the victim, and the other was filed by the victim’s other daughter. Both medical malpractice cases are seeking damages in excess of $10,000.00.


These medical malpractice cases should have been filed under the heading, “Really, this actually happened?”

Technically, the two wrongful death cases that were filed on behalf of the woman’s survivors are not medical malpractice cases because the alleged wrongdoers were not licensed medical providers. It should be much easier and less costly to prove the couple’s wrongful acts because there should be no need for medical experts to have to provide testimony with regard to the standard of care required of the couple had they been licensed medical professionals. Nonetheless, the plaintiffs may still need to provide expert medical testimony to establish the causal connection between the couple’s wrongful acts and the death of the woman. Inasmuch as the couple pleaded guilty to two felonies and one misdemeanor related to the incident, they may very well not challenge the claims of negligence against them.

Some Simplistic Observations

Perhaps the woman should have been leery of having cosmetic surgery done in the back room of a beauty salon. It may have been wise for her to investigate the qualifications and credentials of her hired enhancers. Maybe she should have asked for references before undergoing the elective procedure.

However you feel about the alleged facts of the claims and the wonan’s decision to have the elective cosmetic procedure done in the manner as stated above, the sad and unfortunate result was the woman’s unnecessary death. Whatever you may think about the woman’s sanity in undertaking the butt enhancement procedure as described, it is probably safe to assume that the woman had no idea that her bad decision would result in her death.

If you are intending to undergo a non-emergency medical or surgical procedure, no matter how minor it may seem, you should undertake your due diligence by investigating the reasons for the procedure, the availability of any less invasive alternatives to the proposed procedure, the manner in which the procedure is to be done, the location (facility) where the procedure will be done, and the qualifications, education, and experience of the medical personnel who will be providing you with necessary medical care and treatment (as well as whether resuscitation equipment will be available if the unexpected is encountered before, during, or after the procedure). Speaking with former patients who had the same or similar procedure done in the past and in the same facility with the same medical personnel, if at all possible, may help you in making informed decisions regarding your health and medical treatment. And don’t be afraid to ask questions — the only stupid questions are the ones not asked.

If you have been injured as a result of possible medical malpractice, you should seek the advice of medical malpractice attorneys who may be able to investigate your possible medical malpractice claim for you.

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