Arizona CRNA Not Disciplined After Two Dental Deaths

Tory Richmond, an Arizona nurse anesthetist (CRNA), has been named in two Arizona wrongful death lawsuits involving two dental patients who died while under his care. We wrote about one of those cases in our blog entry yesterday. The other case involves a dental patient whose mouth erupted in fire during oral surgery. The Arizona Board of Nursing reportedly determined that CRNA Richmond did not commit wrongdoing and filed only a generic letter of concern.

The Arizona dental malpractice wrongful death lawsuit that was filed on May 17, 2021 by the patient’s widow states, in part: “On August 28, 2020, Ralph Chapman presented to AZ Perio for periodontal surgery under IV sedation that included Laser-Assisted Osseous Surgery, Gingivectomy and tooth certain tooth extractions (Laser Surgery). Defendants recommended to Ralph Chapman that supplemental oxygen be used with IV sedation for the Laser Surgery. Dr. Houser was the periodontist who performed the Laser Surgery and was responsible for the use of the laser during the Laser Surgery.”

“CRNA Richmond was the nurse anesthetist who was responsible for administering and monitoring the IV sedation and supplemental oxygen given to Ralph Chapman during the Laser Surgery. Prior to the Laser Surgery, gauze throat packs and a bite-block were placed in Ralph Chapman intraorally on orders of Dr. Houser. Throughout the Laser Surgery, CRNA Richmond administered supplemental oxygen to Ralph Chapman by nasal cannula at 6 liters, per minute. During the Laser Surgery, Dr. Houser’s operation of the laser started a fire in Ralph Chapman intraorally, which resulted in severe thermal and inhalation injuries. Ralph Chapman was not properly advised of the risks of the use of a laser in this type of Laser Surgery..”

“On August 28, 2020, Ralph Chapman was transported by ambulance to the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Medical Center where he remained until he died on September 9, 2020 from complications resulting from the thermal and inhalation injuries sustained during the dental procedures while under the care of Defendants.”

“Dr. Houser and CRNA Richmond failed to exercise that degree of care, skill and learning expected of a reasonable prudent health care provider acting within the same profession or class to which they belong under similar circumstances. Dr. Houser breached that duty and the standard of care when, among other things, he fired the laser during the Laser Surgery at a time when it was unsafe to do so under the circumstances. Defendant CRNA Richmond breached that duty and the standard of care by, among other things, administering to Ralph Chapman, an amount of supplemental oxygen during the Laser Surgery which was unsafe under the circumstances. As a direct result of Defendants’ violations of the standard of care, Ralph Chapman sustained severe thermal and inhalation injuries that were a proximate cause of his death.”

Chapman v. AZ Perio PLLC, Superior Court of the State of Arizona, Maricopa County, No. CV2021-008063.

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