Alabama State Senator/Doctor Named In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAn Alabama medical malpractice lawsuit was filed on June 12, 2015 against an Alabama physician who was elected to the Alabama State Senate in November 2014. The Alabama medical malpractice plaintiffs allege that the defendant physician had negligently failed to instruct and insure that the other defendant, a home health care services company, followed his instructions regarding the administration of IV antibiotics to his patient after her discharge from the hospital to home, and that the defendant physician negligently failed to monitor the antibiotic level in his patient’s bloodstream, leading to antibiotic toxicity that seriously harmed the patient.

The defendant physician was caring for the pregnant plaintiff when labor was induced in July 2013. The woman acquired MRSA that required antibiotic treatment while she was recovering from the birth in the hospital. The defendant physician discharged the woman to home with a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line) so that the powerful antibiotics Gentamicin and Cefotan could be administered intravenously at home. The defendant home health care services company was assigned the task of providing the IV antibiotics to the woman in her home.

Instead of providing a trained nurse to provide the IV antibiotics to the woman in her home, the defendant home health care services company instructed the woman’s husband on how to administer the IV antibiotics to his wife, which task he subsequently assumed. The defendant physician allegedly did not arrange to test the woman for her Gentamicin level, which the woman’s Alabama medical malpractice lawsuit alleges was required by the standard of care. She suffered Gentamicin toxicity, which required extensive medical treatment and caused her severe pain and mental anguish. The woman alleges that she sustained permanent injuries as result of the defendants’ negligence.

The plaintiffs’ Alabama medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the defendant physician should have instructed the defendant home health care services company to use only properly trained nurses to administer the IV antibiotics to the woman in her home.


Gentamicin Toxicity

Gentamicin is toxic to the sensory cells of the ear and therefore may affect hearing and balance. Gentamicin toxicity may also cause kidney damage (nephrotoxicity). If taken at high doses or for prolonged periods of time, Gentamicin may cause permanent injury. Gentamicin toxicity symptoms may include difficulty with balance, tinnitus, difficulty with multi-tasking (especially when standing), and bouncing, unsteady vision.

Many people who suffer from Gentamicin toxicity recover after Gentamicin is discontinued but the recovery may be incomplete or slow. However, sensori-neural hearing loss caused by Gentamicin toxicity is permanent.


If you or a family member may have been injured or suffered other harm due to Gentamicin or another drug, you or your family member may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and other harms sustained.

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