August 30, 2013

162017_132140396847214_292624_nIt was reported last week that lawyers for New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez (“A-Rod”) are preparing a medical malpractice lawsuit on his behalf against the Yankees’ team doctor, Christopher Ahmad, arising out of an incident that occurred in October 2012, when the Yankees were involved in post-season play. It is anticipated that A-Rod’s medical malpractice lawsuit will allege that Dr. Ahmad misdiagnosed his hip injury in October 2012, when an MRI allegedly showed injury to A-Rod’s left hip that he was not told about (A-Rod had a prior right hip injury for which he had surgery).

It has been reported that an October 11, 2012 MRI of A-Rod’s hip showed “Stable postoperative appearance of the right hip with no evidence of labral re-tear, stable degenerative change, and only minimal gluteus medius insertional tendinosis. Partial evaluation of left hip revealing superior labral tear with small parabal cyst.” While the information regarding the MRI findings were sent to A-Rod’s surgeon who had previously performed his right hip surgery, the available records do not indicate Dr. Ahmad’s interpretation or clinical impression of the results of the October 11, 2012 MRI. The surgeon ordered another MRI of A-Rod’s hip that was performed on October 29, 2012, after which A-Rod had left hip surgery.

A-Rod’s legal team interprets the record as indicating that Dr. Ahmad knew about A-Rod’s left hip injury from the October 11, 2012 MRI but he failed to advise A-Rod regarding his condition. A-Rod continued to play baseball after the October 11, 2012 MRI but his play was poor. After the Yankees’ post-season, A-Rod had surgery on his left hip.

On August 18, 2013, the Yankees’ General Manager defended the team’s doctor and stated, “I’m not comfortable talking to Alex about this because we feel we are in a litigious environment. Our trainers and doctors will continue to provide the best medical care possible. That is for Alex as well as anybody else regardless of what they say and what they do. They’re going to continue to do that for Alex as well as anybody else on the team. Is it an unusual circumstance? Absolutely. Are any of these people happy with these allegations that continue to get thrown? It’s odd. It’s odd and it’s false, but we still have to go through the motions.”

The Yankees issued the following statement regarding A-Rod’s possible medical malpractice lawsuit against the team’s doctor: “We relied upon Dr. Christopher Ahmad and the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for medical diagnosis, opinions and treatment. The Yankees neither had any complaints from Alex Rodriguez pertaining to his left hip during the 2012 regular season and the Yankees postseason, nor did the Yankees receive any diagnosis pertaining to his left hip during that same period of time. Given the various allegations that have been made by Alex Rodriguez and his counsel, if you have any medical questions they should be directed to the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Christopher Ahmad.”


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