$90K Baltimore Bed Bug Verdict

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Baltimore jury consisting of one man and five women returned its verdict in favor of five Baltimore bed bug victims on October 2, 2015 after a two-and-a-half day trial. The Baltimore jury awarded the plaintiffs in excess of $90,000, which included $72,525 in punitive damages. The defendant was the owner of the plaintiffs’ apartment where they were exposed to bed bugs and suffered bed bugs bites during the first night that they occupied their apartment. The plaintiffs then had to sleep in their cars for more than one week after spending only one night in their apartment.

The plaintiffs promptly notified the defendant regarding the bed bug infestation in their apartment. The defendant had an exterminator visit the apartment for only one treatment, during which the exterminator sprayed chemicals while the plaintiffs were still in the apartment. The plaintiffs alleged in their Baltimore bed bug lawsuit that they all suffered physical reactions to the chemicals (all of the plaintiffs had asthma), requiring one of the plaintiffs, who was seven months pregnant, to seek medical treatment at a hospital emergency room several days later. All of the plaintiffs sought medical care for the bed bug bites they suffered.

The plaintiffs alleged in their Baltimore bed bug lawsuit that they moved into the apartment owned by the defendant on May 30, 2013 after they signed a 12-month lease (the plaintiffs included two adults and three children). The day they moved in, they noticed bed bugs crawling on the walls, ceiling, and floor of their apartment. The plaintiffs alleged that they saw bed bugs crawling on their belongings and on them during the night they spent in their apartment, and they had to dispose of all of their personal belongings that were in the apartment. They immediately notified the defendant’s representative about the bed bugs in their apartment, who told them that there had been a prior bed bug problem in their apartment that had been treated.

The bed bug complaint alleges that the defendant knew that the apartment that it leased to the plaintiffs had a long-standing bed bug infestation problem that had not been properly eradicated during previous treatments for bed bugs yet the defendant failed to notify the plaintiffs regarding the bed bug problem and had failed to adequately and properly treat the prior bed bug infestations.

The plaintiffs further alleged in their Baltimore bed bug complaint that the defendant was advised by an exterminator that more than one treatment was necessary to properly treat the bed bug infestation but the defendant chose to arrange for only one treatment.

A Baltimore City Housing inspector who visited the plaintiffs’ apartment after the plaintiffs had moved out allegedly determined that there was a heavy bed bug infestation within the apartment.

Source Parker, et al. v. K.S.A. Investments LLC, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Case No. 24C14001967.

If you or a family member were the unfortunate victim of bed bug bites from an infestation in a hotel, motel, resort, apartment building, theater, public or private school, private or public work space, or other private or public location in Baltimore, in Maryland, or elsewhere in the United States, you should promptly find a bed bug lawyer in your U.S. state who may investigate your bed bug claim for you and represent you in a bed bug case, if appropriate.

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