$20M Illinois Medical Malpractice Settlement For Lawyer’s Misdiagnosed Brain Aneurysm

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn November 21, 2016, an Illinois judge approved a $20 million medical malpractice settlement reached during an Illinois medical malpractice trial that began on October 28, 2016, for the serious brain injury suffered by a 50-year-old attorney in 2012 after he suffered a stroke two days after being evaluated and allegedly misdiagnosed in the hospital’s emergency room. The Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the emergency room medical staff failed to diagnose the man’s aneurysm that was bleeding into his brain, which could have been surgically repaired at that time prior to him suffering a debilitating stroke while at work two days later.

The stroke required the attorney to spend nearly five months in the hospital receiving treatment, and an additional almost two years in rehab to re-learn how to speak, swallow, and to walk. The man has been left with short-term memory loss and he is unable to recall new information beyond a half hour. The Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit filed by the man and his wife alleged that the standard of care required the emergency room medical staff to order a CT scan that would have revealed the man’s brain bleed and to immediately consult with a neurologist.

The Alleged Underlying Facts

The man went to the emergency room of the defendant hospital late at night on September 15, 2012 after he experienced vomiting, disorientation, neck pain, and he had a severe headache. The emergency room medical staff diagnosed the man as being severely dehydrated, for which they re-hydrated him in the emergency room and then discharged him to home with pain medication. Two days later, while at work, he collapsed due to his bleeding aneurysm.

After the medical malpractice settlement was announced, a spokesperson for the defendant hospital stated, “While we believe the care provided at that time was appropriate, we hope this settlement brings closure to the patient and his family.” The man’s wife stated, “The settlement is bittersweet because there’s no fixing the damage that’s happened to Chris … His day restarts every five minutes … My hope, at least, is that it makes the hospital community take notice and change the way they approach a patient that comes in with symptoms like Chris had and hopefully is an impetus to better training.”

The man now lives at home with his wife and their four children.


Being misdiagnosed in a hospital emergency room and then being wrongfully discharged without being admitted to the hospital for a proper and timely workup and treatment occurs much more often than patients realize. The hospital imposes an unnecessary risk on unsuspecting patients when it fails to properly perform its job because patients are often ill-equipped to know when they have been mistreated by emergency room staff that puts their lives in jeopardy.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm as a result of negligent care received (or not received) in a hospital emergency room in the United States, you should promptly find a local medical malpractice lawyer in your U.S. state who may investigate your emergency room malpractice claim for you and represent you or your loved one in a medical malpractice case against a hospital for its emergency room negligence.

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