$12.9M Settlement For Nursing Home And Pharmacy Negligence Leading To Resident’s Death

On June 10, 2019, the parties to a Kentucky nursing home negligence wrongful death lawsuit reached a settlement in the amount of $12.9 million for the death of a retired 68-year-old judge who died in the nursing home because the nursing home failed to provide him with antibiotic treatment as ordered, and the pharmacy failed to follow up to make sure that the nursing home resident received the antibiotics. The defendant nursing home reportedly will pay $11 million to the man’s surviving wife and their two sons, and the defendant pharmacy will contribute $1.9 million to the settlement.

The man had been a resident of the defendant Kentucky nursing home for only 24 days before his death in May 2013.

The man had been hospitalized for an infection during which he received antibiotics for about two weeks. He was discharged to the defendant nursing home where he was supposed to receive additional antibiotic treatment for an additional four weeks. The Kentucky nursing home negligence lawsuit alleged that the man did not receive a single antibiotic treatment while in the nursing home even though the nursing home staff documented providing the man with antibiotics twice a day. As a result, the infection was not properly treated and the man died from the infection. The man’s wife did not learn about the circumstances of her husband’s death until about six weeks later.

The former judge had been elected to the district court bench in 1977 and was elevated to the circuit court in 1990. He retired at the age of 52 in 1997, after serving 20 years as a judge.

After the settlement was announced, the chief marketing officer for the defendant Kentucky nursing home stated that the man’s death was an “isolated incident” and that the nursing home was “hopeful the settlement and resolution will bring solace to the family.”

The family’s Kentucky nursing home claim lawyer stated after the case was resolved, “He was a very dear and kind man both on the bench and at home. He leaves a wonderful legacy with his wife and two sons.”


The defendant nursing home states on its website, “Masonic Homes Kentucky’s rehabilitation services provide a safe and supportive environment where recovering from illness, injury or surgery is the center of our practice. With locations in Louisville and Shelbyville, we help people of all ages make a big comeback.”


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