$1.75M Arkansas Medical Malpractice Verdict

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn August 27, 2015, an Arkansas medical malpractice jury returned its verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $1.75 million after the jury found that the defendant cardiologist had unnecessarily implanted a cardiac device in the woman in 2010. The Arkansas medical malpractice jury trial lasted four days and the jury deliberated for four hours before returning its verdict against the defendant cardiologist.

The plaintiff’s ordeal began in February 2010, when the woman sought medical evaluation by the defendant cardiologist for the chest pain that she was experiencing. The defendant cardiologist determined at that time that the woman had a “weak heart.” The defendant ordered an echocardiogram (an echocardiogram uses sound waves (like an ultrasound) that produce images of the heart so that the heart may be observed while it is beating and pumping blood in order to diagnose problems, weaknesses, or other abnormalities that may be seen and diagnosed in the heart muscle and the heart valves) that was completed two days later to further diagnose the woman’s heart condition.

In September 2010, a second echocardiogram was ordered by the defendant cardiologist. According to the plaintiff’s Arkansas medical malpractice lawsuit, the results of both echocardiograms were normal but the defendant cardiologist failed to advise the plaintiff of such and continued to treat the plaintiff for a cardiac condition that she did not have.

On November 11, 2010, the defendant cardiologist had the woman admitted to a local hospital where the defendant cardiologist implanted a cardioverter-defibrillator in the woman (an implantable cardio-defibrillator (“ICD”) detects and stops arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats) in the heart’s ventricles (the lower chambers in the heart) – ventricular tachycardia (a dangerously fast heartbeat) or ventricular fibrillation (a chaotic heartbeat that causes insufficient blood supply to the rest of the body)).

The plaintiff alleged in her Arkansas medical malpractice lawsuit, and her medical experts testified during the Arkansas medical malpractice trial, that the results of both echocardiograms were normal, that the plaintiff did not have heart disease at the time the ICD was implanted in her, and that the ICD was unnecessary and that it would be dangerous to the plaintiff’s health to attempt to remove it, according to reports.

The Arkansas medical malpractice jury considered the testimony of the factual witnesses and medical expert witnesses who testified during trial, the other evidence introduced during the trial, and the closing arguments of the parties’ attorneys before determining that the defendant cardiologist had committed medical malpractice with regard to his care and treatment of the plaintiff and that the plaintiff was entitled to $1.75 million in compensatory damages for her injuries and losses.


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