$1.6M Utah Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Verdict

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn October 27, 2014, a Utah medical malpractice jury found Utah’s largest healthcare network provider responsible for the wrongful death of a patient who was found unresponsive by his wife after failing to wake up in the morning on April 3, 2008. The jury awarded $1,676,737 in compensatory damages in the Utah medical malpractice lawsuit that sought unspecified damages. The man was taking up to 33 pain killers, sedatives, and sleep medications per day for chronic pain that were prescribed to him by a local clinic and pharmacy owned by the healthcare network provider.

The eight-day trial was proceeded by many days of evidentiary hearings regarding the medical malpractice wrongful death case that was filed in September 2010. The lawsuit claimed that the multiple prescribed medications metabolized and accumulated in the patient, resulting in a combined drug toxicity leading to his death.

After the Utah medical malpractice jury rendered its verdict, the plaintiff’s lawyer stated, “No amount of money will bring back [the man], but this verdict demonstrates the significant loss that his family experienced. We believe this verdict can help the family get closure and sets the record straight about what happened to [the man].”

Source  Bobbie Krambule v. Intermountain Healthcare, Second Judicial District Court, Ogden, Utah. Case No. 100907050.

Pain Management Facts

– Chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain, generally over three months. It may start with an injury or other cause, but it persists even after healing has occurred. Chronic pain is widely believed to be a disease, with known changes in the nerves that get worse with time. Due to its persistence, it can cause major problems in every aspect of a person’s life, and is frequently resistant to many medical treatments. A person may even have two or more coexisting chronic pain conditions. Among the most common pain challenges for Americans are headaches, low back pain, arthritis pain, cancer pain, and nerve and muscle pain.

– More than 76 million people in the United States live with chronic pain, but surveys show that almost half of them receive no treatment.

– The annual economic cost of chronic pain in the U.S. is estimated to be $100 billion, including healthcare expenses, lost income, and lost productivity at work and at home.

– Research shows that almost 60 percent of older adults with pain have had it for more than a year.

– According to recent research, close to five million Americans report recently taking prescription pain medication in a potentially unsafe way.

– Although most people taking prescription pain medicines do so responsibly, there has been an increase in drug misuse or even abuse, especially of opioid pain relievers.


Pain Management Claims

We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from people throughout the United States who suffered serious injuries and other harms as a result of possibly negligent pain management. Common complaints include the failure to properly monitor pain management patients, inappropriately prescribing multiple medications, failure to perform in-office patient examinations, failure to re-evaluate for changes in medications or care, refilling prescription medications without in-person patient contact, failing to perform required medical tests to check for toxicity or other risks and complications, etc.

If you, a family member, or a friend may be the victim of negligent pain management practices, you should promptly consult with a local medical malpractice attorney in your U.S. state who may investigate your pain management claim for you and represent you in a negligent pain management case, if appropriate.

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