Training Doctors To Win Their Medical Malpractice Cases

When doctors fail to provide medical care to their patients consistent with the required standard of care expected of them, they have committed medical malpractice. When their medical malpractice causes serious injuries or damages to their patients, their patients have a valid medical malpractice claim for compensation for their losses due to the malpractice. 

Most patients look up to their doctors and out of necessity trust their doctors because their doctors are the learned experts who provide the necessary medical treatment for their medical conditions, which they cannot provide for themselves, which is one of the most intimate relationships between people. Patients must rely on their medical doctors for their very lives — without proper medical care, patients may suffer permanent and painful injuries or even death. Doctors are aware that their patients hold them in high esteem and some doctors manipulate the doctor-patient relationship when the doctors cause unnecessary injuries to their patients due to medical malpractice.

When the innocent victims of medical malpractice, who suffered catastrophic and permanent injuries due solely to the carelessness of their treating doctors, bring legitimate claims against the offending doctors for compensation for their losses caused by negligent medical care, the defendant doctors are trained by their defense lawyers on how to behave and what to say in order to minimize their exposure to payment of damages. An arrogant doctor who pays little time and attention to his patients while providing inadequate medical care suddenly projects the compassion and caring that all jurors want from their own doctors.

In a recent blog posting authored by a doctor that appeared on a website maintained by a large and respected defense law firm, the doctor acknowledged that the reason doctors lose medical malpractice claims tried before juries is often due to the plaintiff’s ability to “overcome that basic trust in doctors” and often that was “with the doctor’s unintended assistance.” It was noted that doctors being sued for medical malpractice hurt their cases if they come across as arrogant (even if they are arrogant in their daily professional lives), evasive in answering questions posed to them, aloof (coming across to the jury that they are above or beyond the facts of the case or the suffering of their patients), uncertain of the facts of the care they provided to their patients,  or doubtful of the medical care they provided that is being criticized by the plaintiff/patient. The doctor blogger noted, “The best thing that doctor-defendants have in their corner is jurors’ strong pull toward trusting the doctor…Job number one in a medical malpractice defense is to avoid any behavior that could lead fact-finders to abandon that trust.” Source

If you have a possible medical malpractice claim based on medical errors or medical mistakes committed by your doctor or another medical provider, it is important to promptly consult with a medical malpractice lawyer familiar with the medical malpractice laws in your state in order to protect your legal rights. Our website can help put you in contact with medical malpractice attorneys in your local area who may be able to assist you with your medical malpractice claim. You may also call us toll free at 800-295-3959. Turn to us when you don’t know where to turn.

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