Florida Nursing Home Sued For Bad Care, Failure To Provide Records

A 66-year-old man from Florida has sued a Boca Raton, Florida nursing home, alleging that the care he received at the defendant nursing home was so bad that he had to call his wife in the middle of the night to have her come to the nursing home and bring him home.

Once home, the man requested his medical records from the nursing home to investigate why his care was so inadequate. The Florida nursing home failed to provide him with his own medical records despite many attempts at obtaining them, according to the man’s Florida nursing home negligence lawsuit.

Why The Man Was In The Nursing Home

The man had suffered serious injuries (fractures) to both of his feet as a result of a landscaping accident that happened over seven months ago. His injuries required surgery on his left foot after which he needed his surgical wound dressings changed as ordered by his surgeon. He also required two months of physical therapy treatment as part of his rehabilitation.

The man chose the Whitehall Nursing Home located in Boca Raton, Florida for his nursing home care. The nursing home staff was supposed to change his surgical wound dressings every day, pursuant to his doctor’s orders. The man claims in his Florida nursing home lawsuit that the defendant nursing home’s staff failed to do so despite his desperate pleading for dressing changes; the nursing home changed his dressings only once a week.

Fearing that the alleged failure to provide proper care for his surgical wound would result in infection and other harm, he left the Whitehall Nursing Home after only two weeks. He developed an infection in his foot that required additional surgery and required that he take more medication, according to his Florida nursing home neglect claim. The man’s wife described her husband’s pain as “horrendous” and stated that her husband could have gotten better care at home.

After he left the Florida nursing home, the man requested his chart from the nursing home in an effort to understand why he did not receive the care he was promised. When the nursing home failed to provide him with his nursing home records, he sought the help of a nursing home claim lawyer. The nursing home claim lawyer requested his client’s nursing home chart but the nursing home never provided the requested records over the course of months. That’s when the Florida nursing home negligence lawsuit was filed on his behalf.

The man’s nursing home neglect lawsuit alleges that the defendant nursing home failed to have any staff on the man’s floor of the nursing home between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.. The Florida nursing home lawsuit alleges nursing home neglect and that the lack of proper nursing home staffing resulted in the plaintiff’s serious harm.


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