California Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn February 9, 2016, the family of a deceased California nursing home resident filed a California nursing home negligence and wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that the resident had experienced a fall in the nursing home about two weeks after he arrived, followed by negligent nursing home care, which led to his death. The California wrongful death lawsuit alleges nursing home negligence, elder abuse, and negligent hiring and supervision of the nursing home’s staff.

The 78-year-old man, who had a history of hypertension, pneumonia, congestive heat failure, and diabetes, was discharged from the hospital to the defendant nursing home in mid-June 2015. At the time of his admission to the defendant nursing home, he was determined to be at high-risk for falling that required that he be supervised at all times, according to the family’s wrongful death nursing home negligence lawsuit.

The resident’s daughter visited her father on July 5, 2015, at which time she was told by a nurse that her father had fallen. The resident’s wife was told by her husband that same day that a nurse had gotten mad at him, told him that he could not get out of bed on his own, and “threw” him back onto his bed, without notifying his family or his physician regarding his fall and without performing any meaningful assessment for any injuries that he may have suffered as a result of his fall, and then left him in bed in pain, according to the family’s lawsuit.

The man was transported to the hospital after his family became aware of his fall and his injuries, where he died the following day due to the nursing home’s negligent failure to provide him with proper care and attention at the nursing home, including the failure to provide him with medication, according to the wrongful death lawsuit.

The family further alleges that the man’s fall was not documented in his nursing home records and that the nursing home fraudulently attempted to cover up the incident and its negligent care.

The family’s attorney stated after filing the California nursing home negligence wrongful death lawsuit, “The facility was well aware that [the resident] required a very particular level of care than they would or could provide. Disregarding this obligation, the facility took the money, accepted the known responsibility for him and then failed miserably to provide [the resident] his required care that needlessly resulted in his death.”


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