North Carolina Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed For Death Of 98-Year-Old WWII Veteran

The family of a 98-year-old World War II Army veteran, who died in the defendant nursing home on January 26, 2017 after screaming in pain for one week as a result of the serious injuries he suffered as a result of a fall at the nursing home, has filed a North Carolina nursing home wrongful death lawsuit.

The family’s North Carolina nursing home wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the defendant nursing home’s negligence led to the man’s fall that resulted in the fracture of his femur and ultimately his death. The man had been a resident of the defendant nursing home for six years before his death.

At the time of his admission to the nursing home on November 30, 2010, the man was suffering from cognitive deficits that caused short-term and long-term memory losses. Hence, he was often confused and disoriented, which left him with diminished ability to make decisions on his own. He was also blind in his right eye, due to glaucoma, and had difficulties communicating verbally.

The family alleges in their North Carolina nursing home negligence lawsuit that the nursing home staff documented the man as a fall risk in 2016, due to his diminished mental capacity, memory loss, poor safety awareness, his unsteady gait, and his history of prior falls. In light of the man being documented as a fall risk, certain fall precautions were required to be implemented by the defendant nursing home in order to provide for the man’s safety and well-being.

On January 8, 2017, the man lost his balance while standing in the nursing home’s dining room, according to his family. Then, just eleven days later, the man fell while walking unassisted outside of his room, according to the family’s lawsuit.

After the man’s second fall, the nursing home staff identified injuries to the man’s hand and right shoulder but failed to diagnose that the man had also fractured his femur as a result of his fall. The man was crying out in pain due to his fractured femur seven hours after his fall, for which he was initially given Tylenol prior to having an x-ray. He was not transferred to a hospital until more than twelve hours after he fell.

The man was sent to hospice care after a short palliative care stay, where he died one-week after his fall.

The family’s North Carolina nursing home negligence wrongful death lawsuit cites not only the man’s fractured femur as a result of the fall but also alleges that the man suffered skin tears, weight loss, insult to his human dignity, and loss of the ability to enjoy life as a result of the defendant nursing home’s negligence.


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