Medical Malpractice Claims In Oklahoma – Official Report

The Oklahoma Medical Professional Liability Insurance Closed Claim Annual Report for January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 reports that there were 371 closed claims against physicians and surgeons, 70 closed claims against hospitals, 100 closed claims against other medical professionals, and 136 closed claims against other health care facilities during the period. The largest number of injuries occurred in hospital inpatient facilities (301) , physicians’ offices (129), and in other outpatient facilities (73). The emergency room was the location of injury for 45 claims and the patient’s home was the location of injury for 50 claims.

Closed claims by practice type included professional corporation or partnership (220); self-employed (310); employed physician (73); employed nurse (4); intern or resident (4); and, institutional (academic) (50).

The largest number of closed claims were for injuries that occurred in Oklahoma County (262) followed by Tulsa County (160). The largest number of closed claims were filed in Oklahoma County (222) followed by Tulsa County (129).. 

A lawsuit was filed in 547 of the closed claims; 130 of the closed claims did not involve a filed lawsuit. 130 closed claims were settled before a lawsuit was filed; 324 closed claims were dismissed after a lawsuit was filed; 148 closed claims were settled after a lawsuit was filed but before trial; 55 closed claims were closed during trial; 13 closed claims were closed after verdict; and, 7 closed claims were closed after an appeal. There was a verdict in 28 of the closed claims and there was no verdict in 649 of the closed claims. The verdict was appealed in 7 of the closed claims and there was no appeal of the verdict in 670 of the closed claims. There was only one named defendant in 209 of the closed claims; two defendants in 129 of the closed claims; three defendants in 83 of the closed claims; four defendants in 67 of the closed claims; five defendants in 29 of the closed claims; six defendants in 48 of the closed claims; and, more than six defendants in 63 of the closed claims.

The total amount paid out during 2009 for medical malpractice court awards and settlements was $82,285,993, of which $65,843,284 was paid exclusive of attorneys fees and case costs. The amount paid for defense costs during 2009 was $21,879,584. 

For 2009, the number of claims with payments made by insurers was 240. The number of claims with no payment by insurers was 437.

Historical trends for the total number of medical malpractice claims, medical malpractice claims paid, medical malpractice claims not paid, and other statistical information from prior years were not provided in the 2009 report.

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