Michigan Class Action Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Pediatric Neurologist Misdiagnosed Hundreds Of Children With Epilepsy

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA class action medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Michigan alleges that a Michigan pediatric neurologist misdiagnosed hundreds of children with epilepsy in the mid-2000s. The pediatric neurologist was born in Egypt and attended medical school in Egypt in the 1970s. He obtained his medical license in Michigan in 1994 but left the Detroit area in 2007 while allegations of poor patient care were simmering. He was a pediatric neurologist in Saudi Arabia before returning to Michigan in 2014.

Depositions are presently underway in the eight-year-old class action lawsuit. The plaintiffs’ lawyers represent 247 clients in their class action medical malpractice lawsuit. They allege that the defendant pediatric neurologist treated over 2,000 patients during a period that covered about four years. The plaintiffs’ Michigan medical malpractice lawyers allege that every child treated by the defendant received a series of EEGs, and that 98% of them were diagnosed as having epilepsy. The plaintiffs allege that some of the children suffered seizures, had other medical conditions, or were simply sleep-deprived.

The Michigan class-action medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the defendant pediatric neurologist prescribed powerful anti-epileptic medications that were associated with serious side effects, and advised patients that they needed to undergo unnecessary medical treatment and unnecessary medical procedures.

One of the plaintiffs’ class-action medical malpractice lawyers stated, “This guy came to Oakwood, bragged about a huge practice in epilepsy at Children’s Hospital and laid out an unrealistic plan to generate revenue. [Oakwood] put him in business with an incentive-laden contract tied to billing, and business shot through the roof. Every kid who came through the door was given a series of EEG tests and diagnoses everybody as having epilepsy whether they had it or not.”

The defendant pediatric neurologist reportedly confirmed during his deposition that he had sued Oakwood for withholding $400,000 owed to him for bonus and salary payments, yet he denied during his deposition that there was any disharmony between him and Oakwood.

Prior Bad Acts?

As a result of an investigation by the Michigan Attorney General in 2009 into alleged inappropriate Medicaid billing by the pediatric neurologist, Oakwood reportedly had to repay $309,140 to Michigan.

The Michigan Board of Medicine reportedly issued an order regarding the pediatric neurosurgeon dated January 25, 2012 in which it fined him and placed him on probation for violation of general duty/negligence for allegedly misdiagnosing epilepsy in four children and placing them on anti-seizure medications that they did not need.

One of the plaintiffs’ class action medical malpractice lawyers warns, “Hospitals protect bad doctors because it can be a business gain. We will see more [bad doctors] if the system continues and real internal self-policing and checks and balances don’t occur.”


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