One-Month-Old Baby In Hospital In Liberia Required Left Foot Amputation Due To Medical Negligence

A baby born at Redemption Hospital in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, on June 9, 2018 had to have his left foot amputated above the ankle at another hospital in mid-July, allegedly due to medical negligence that occurred shortly after his birth.

The baby’s father alleges that a nurse at the hospital tied a plastic glove on the baby’s leg in order to administer medication into a vein shortly after his birth, but was unable to find a suitable vein in the baby’s leg. The nurse therefore could not administer the medication through a vein in the baby’s leg and therefore administered the medication through a vein in the baby’s head. Tragically, the nurse failed to remove the glove she tied to the baby’s left leg and it remained in place for three days. The father claims that the mother tried to get the nurses at the hospital to remove the glove from the newborn’s leg for three days but the nurses failed to do so, resulting in the baby’s leg swelling and turning green.

The baby’s family alleges that the hospital negligently failed to transfer the baby to another hospital until June 22. The medical staff at the new hospital advised the family that the child’s toes would have to be amputated but the medical staff amputated the entire foot, above the ankle, according to the family.

The baby’s family further alleges that Redemption Hospital denied them a copy of their child’s medical report so they could obtain a second opinion in an attempt to save the baby’s foot, which left them with no choice but to sign the consent form for the amputation.

The baby’s uncle stated, “We are very disappointed in JFK [the hospital to which the child was transferred] and Redemption for their medical malpractices on a month and eight-day-old baby, which led to them criminally amputating the minor. They provided false information to the family … I would say this was a set up to kill the child, because why would Redemption hospital wait until the 22nd to refer the child to JKF and not transfer the child around the 12th of June, when the swelling had just occurred three days after the child’s birth? Now Redemption on the other hand has been so arrogant towards us and had the nerves to tell us they owe us no explanation when we were trying to get the child’s medical report.”

The administrator of Redemption Hospital reportedly evaded inquiries from a journalist. The family in the meantime is seeking assistance from the public and medical institutions for a prosthetic leg for their child.


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