$70M Talcum Powder Cancer Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn October 27, 2016, a Missouri jury took only three hours to return its verdict in favor of a 62-year-old California woman against Johnson & Johnson for her terminal ovarian cancer that she alleged was due to her use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder over the period of more than four decades. The woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago and her chances of dying from the disease during the next two years is eighty percent. She has been treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery since her cancer diagnosis.

The Missouri talcum powder cancer jury determined that a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson is responsible for 90% of the approximately $2.5 million awarded for the woman’s medical expenses and noneconomic damages along with full responsibility for $65 million in punitive damages. The jury also found against the supplier of the talc, which was a co-defendant, in the amount of $2.5 million in punitive damages.

Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder cancer loss on October 27, 2016 was its third consecutive talcum powder cancer-causing jury trial loss in St. Louis this year. The other two talcum powder cancer cases resulted in jury verdicts in the amounts of $55 million and $72 million, respectively. The two prior talcum powder cases are being appealed. A Johnson and Johnson spokesperson said after the most recent talc verdict that Johnson and Johnson will appeal this verdict too.

Johnson and Johnson is facing approximately 1,700 talc-related cases in state and federal courts in which it is accused of failing to warn its customers regarding the risk of developing ovarian cancer associated with the use of talc-based products, including its baby powder and its Shower-to-Shower products, for which the plaintiffs allege studies have established the link. Hundreds of talcum powder ovarian cancer cases are pending against Johnson & Johnson in St. Louis state court, about 300 cases are pending in Los Angeles, about 200 cases are pending in New Jersey, and the federal court in New Jersey is receiving an ever-increasing number of talcum powder cancer cases.

The plaintiff’s lawyer in the most recent Missouri talcum powder cancer case reportedly told the jury that Johnson & Johnson knew about thirty years of scientific studies linking an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer for women who used talc but chose not to add warning labels to its talcum powder products. The plaintiff’s lawyer reportedly told the Missouri jury that Johnson and Johnson chose to develop a defense strategy to prevent the government from regulating talc-based products. After the verdict was rendered, the plaintiff’s lawyer said, “I think the jury heard our message loud and clear. If this doesn’t send a message to J&J to add a warning, I don’t know what will.”

Source Hogans v. Johnson & Johnson, 1422-CC09012-01, Circuit Court, St. Louis City, Missouri (St. Louis).

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