Baltimore Lasik Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Permanent Eye Injury

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Maryland man has filed a Lasik malpractice lawsuit in Baltimore, Maryland, alleging that his Lasik surgeon misprogrammed the Lasik laser that resulted in the astigmatism in his left eye doubling as a result of the Lasik surgery he had in February 2016. The plaintiff alleges that he subsequently found out that he was not a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery due to a lazy right eye.

The man had an initial consultation with the Lasik surgeon in January 2016 and was allegedly told at that time that he was a good candidate for the Lasik corrective eye procedure because he did not have prior eye conditions such as dryness, scratchiness, or itching, that would have made him less than an ideal candidate for Lasik.

The plaintiff claims that when he awoke from a nap shortly after he had the Lasik surgery, he was unable to see. At his follow up appointment, he was told that his symptoms were part of the normal heeling process. When his eye condition did not improve over the next several weeks, he insisted that he be seen by the Lasik surgeon who had performed his surgery (the Lasik surgeon resides in New Jersey).

After being told that he had to wait weeks before the New Jersey-based Lasik surgeon returned to the Baltimore office of his Florida-based company, the plaintiff drove to New Jersey to meet with the surgeon in March 2016. The plaintiff alleges that the Lasik surgeon wrote in his medical records that the Lasik laser had been improperly programmed and as a result, the plaintiff had to undergo a second, corrective Lasik procedure.

The man agreed to undergo the second procedure, which did not help alleviate his eye condition. The man then went to see an ophthalmologist at the world-famous Wilmer Eye Institute at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he was told that he should not undergo any further corrective eye surgery and that his only option would be to have an expensive procedure wherein a special contact lens would be implanted in his eye.

The man alleges that he suffered scarring on his cornea that does not allow him to see faces clearly, he has double vision, he suffers from dry eye syndrome, and he has problems engaging in recreational activities and watching television. The 40-year-old electrician is still employed but is concerned that he is at greater risk of suffering an injury on the job as a result of his vision problems, which may lead to him losing his job.

The man alleges negligent performance of the Lasik procedure in his Baltimore medical malpractice lawsuit, and he seeks compensation for the injuries he suffered and his wife seeks damages for her loss of consortium claim.


Burdsall v. Norden, Circuit Court for Baltimore County, Case No. 03C17003967 (filed April 21, 2017).

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