Ohio ICU Doc Allegedly Intentionally Overdosed At Least 34 Patients

Ohio’s Mount Carmel Health System (“Mount Carmel”) issued the following shocking statement: “Mount Carmel recently reported to authorities the findings of an internal investigation that determined a Mount Carmel doctor who provided intensive care ordered significantly excessive and potentially fatal doses of pain medication for at least 27 patients who were near death. These patients’ families had requested that all life-saving measures be stopped, yet the amount of medicine the doctor ordered was more than what was needed to provide comfort … We’re doing everything we can to understand what happened regarding the deaths of patients under the care of Dr. William Husel.”

Mount Carmel further stated: “We received a formal report on October 25, 2018, that related to Dr. Husel’s care. Based on what we learned about that report, we should have begun a more expedited process to investigate and consider immediate removal of Dr. Husel from patient care at that time. Dr. Husel was removed from patient care on November 21, 2018. We are aware of three patients who died between October 25 and November 21 after receiving excessive and potentially fatal doses of medication ordered by Dr. Husel. We are sorry for this tragedy, and we will continue to investigate how we responded to this report and whether there is any other information that should have led us to investigate sooner into Dr. Husel’s practices.”

“We have identified seven additional patients who received excessive doses of pain medication that Dr. Husel ordered. One of the patients received an excessive and potentially fatal dose. The other six patients received excessive doses that went beyond providing comfort but were likely not the cause of their deaths. We contacted the loved ones of these patients because it was the right thing to do. This brings the number of patients involved to at least 34, and we anticipate we might discover more as our investigation continues. The 34 patients involved were near death and receiving intensive care. In these cases, the patients’ families had requested that all life-saving treatment be stopped, yet the amount of medicine Dr. Husel ordered was excessive.”

“We are continuing our investigation to review the records of all patients who were treated by Dr. Husel and died in the hospital. We also have engaged independent experts who are assisting us with this process … We are investigating whether Dr. Husel ordered excessive doses of medication when there was still opportunity to explore if there were reversible causes of patients’ immediate conditions … We’re working hard to learn all we can about these cases, and we removed 20 hospital staff from providing further patient care while we gather more facts. This includes a number of nurses who administered the medication and a number of staff pharmacists who were also involved in the related patient care.”


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