More Than 150 Nova Scotia Nursing Home Residents Have Severe Pressure Ulcers

The Nova Scotia Canada Department of Health and Wellness announced in a press release on June 21, 2018 the specific actions to be taken to address more serious pressure injuries in the province’s long-term care facilities, where 152 stage three and four (most severe) pressure injuries were identified during the second week of June.

The Department of Health and Wellness announced that wound care experts are being identified and starting the first week of July, they will visit the nursing homes where the residents reside to assess those residents, and they will also assess all residents in those facilities with stage one and stage two bedsores.

The wound care experts will also work with the nursing homes staff to ensure that the knowledge and supplies are in place to properly prevent and treat pressure ulcers, and to recommend individual wound management plans.

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness also announced the following additional actions that are being taken:

— a provincial wound care standard is being adopted that will be shared with facilities. The department will be working with a national wound care expert to review the standard;

— information is being developed for long-term care facilities to assist in the prevention and management of pressure wounds, including how to identify the stages; and,

— the information collected by the department is being analyzed to determine next steps.

The province’s Health and Wellness Minister stated, “We are committed to taking steps to ensure residents in long-term care facilities are getting the best care possible. These actions are about supporting dedicated staff and giving facilities the tools and information they need to address pressure injuries.”


One week earlier, the Department of Health and Wellness announced that it was taking the following actions:

— all long-term care facilities have been asked to immediately report all current pressure wounds to the department;

— all facilities must also report all serious pressure ulcers, referred to as level three and four, to the department; and,

— facilities are already required to have wound care protocols in place. The department is working to standardize the protocols across the province.

The Health and Wellness Minister stated at that time, “Nova Scotians and their families need to have confidence in the quality of care being provided in nursing homes. These steps will help address issues in wound care across the province.”


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