Ex-NFL Football Player Files $180M Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleging Unnecessary, Career-Ending Knee Surgery

On November 6, 2018, a former NFL football player filed a $180M medical malpractice lawsuit in the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit In And For Orange County, Florida against a well-known orthopedic surgeon claiming that the defendant recommended and performed unnecessary knee surgey on the plaintiff that he did not consent to and which ended his professional football career.

The Florida medical malpractice complaint alleges that the plaintiff sought conservative treatment for his right knee complaints from the defendant orthopedic surgeon in August and September 2016, at which time the defendant allegedly recommended that the plaintiff should “get the symptoms under control and play as tolerated [without] surgical intervention at this time in the hope of waiting until the end of the season.”

The plaintiff alleges that despite the specific recommendation to avoid surgery at that time, the defendant surgeon nonetheless had already scheduled the plaintiff for knee surgery without the plaintiff’s knowledge. The plaintiff alleges that he consented to a minor knee-scope procedure from which he would fully return to playing football within three to four weeks. Instead, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant orthopedic surgeon and two new, inexperienced surgical fellows performed a more invasive and extensive cartilage-regrowth procedure on his right knee that he did not authorize and which would result in the plaintiff missing the rest of the football season.

The plaintiff’s Florida medical malpractice complaint further alleges that the defendant anesthesiologist performed an unnecessary and risky adductor-canal nerve block post-operatively that he did not consent to. The plaintiff alleges in his Florida medical malpractice complaint that the defendant anesthesiologist negligently misplaced the block, resulting in permanently destroying portions of his femoral/saphenous nerves and permanently injuring his quadriceps and vastus medialis muscles. The plaintiff alleges in his lawsuit that he “would have preferred to remain in pain rather than undergo such a non-essential procedure that gambled his entire career.”

The plaintiff alleges that his “career as one of the most promising young players at his position [in the NFL] is now over” and he “is no longer able to play football as a direct result of these injuries, proximately caused by the actions and inactions as alleged.” The plaintiff claims that he lost earnings in the amount of $6.7 million in 2017 and up to $24 million per year over the next ten years.

Other defendants named in the Florida medical malpractice complaint are The Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC; Paradigm Anesthesia, P.A.; Baptist Hospital, Inc.; Baptist Health Care Corporation; Baptist Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Gulf Breeze Hospital; Baptist Physician Group, LLC; and others.

Source 2018-CA-012128-O: FLOYD, SHARRIF K vs. ANDREWS, JAMES, et al.

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