$15.9M Florida Medical Malpractice Verdict Against Rheumatologist For Amputations

A Florida medical malpractice jury awarded a woman $15.9 million last month for the medical malpractice injuries she suffered in 2008 when she was 26-years-old. The Florida medical malpractice defendant is a rheumatologist who allegedly failed to properly treat the plaintiff in the hospital that would have prevented the need for amputations of parts of her hands and feet one week later.

In November 2008, the plaintiff went to a hospital emergency room and was admitted due to symptoms she was suffering related to a flare-up of her pre-existing auto-immune disease. The flare-up of the woman’s autoimmune disease led to blood vessel inflammation that caused her to have pain in her hands and ulcerations on her feet. If not properly and timely diagnosed and treated with the medication Cytoxan, the flare-up can lead to progressive deterioration and irreversible damage.

The woman’s Florida medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the defendant rheumatologist who treated her failed to timely diagnose her serious acute medical condition and failed to prescribe and administer Cytoxan.

By the time the woman was treated in another hospital one week later, she was in critical condition and close to death; her extremities were gangrenous and black. She was given Cytoxan at the hospital, which saved her life; however, the gangrene required that portions of her hands and feet be amputated: the woman had nine of her toes amputated, her right thumb and the tips of two fingers on her right hand were amputated, and portions of her left foot were also amputated.

As a result of the alleged breach of the standard of care by the defendant rheumatologist that delayed treatment for one week and necessitated the multiple amputations, the woman alleged that she experiences phantom pain, is unable to walk or stand for more than thirty minutes at a time, and she must rely on prosthetic devices. The woman also claimed psychological injuries as a result of her ordeal and disfiguring amputations.

The plaintiff’s Florida medical malpractice lawyer stated after the jury rendered its verdict, “This doctor’s failure to follow the standard of care for her profession caused this young lady to suffer nightmarish injuries. She will never be able to lead a normal life. Our legal team worked diligently to help the jurors understand the medical records in this case and to ensure that they were not led astray by the revisionist history and after-the-fact justifications presented by the defense.”


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