Idaho Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Wrong Medication Caused Baby’s Death

162017_132140396847214_292624_nThe parents of a baby who was given the wrong medication in an Idaho hospital’s emergency room that resulted in his death have filed an Idaho medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit against a traveling nurse who was working under contract in the local Idaho hospital and the agency that employed the traveling nurse who gave the baby medication intended for another patient.

The baby died in his father’s arms, who witnessed the baby arch his back, roll his eyes back in his head, and his muscles become rigid before he died due to an overdose of potassium that was intended for an adult patient.

The parents allege in their Idaho wrongful death lawsuit that they brought their seven-month-old son to the hospital on September 22, 2015 because he had an elevated heart rate due to SVT (supraventricular tachycardia), which is rarely fatal and easily treated with proper heart medication. The hospital physician ordered that the baby be administered the necessary heart medication to bring his heart beat back to normal, along with IV saline solution. The traveling nurse, who was supposed to provide the baby with the IV saline solution, allegedly mistakenly obtained from the nurses’ station a pre-mixed bag of saline solution that contained an adult dose of potassium that was intended to be provided to another, adult patient, and administered the deadly dose of the wrong medication to the baby.

The parents’ Idaho medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that another nurse in the emergency room discovered that the wrong medication was given to the baby and resuscitative efforts were begun but were ineffective. The baby’s death was later determined to be due to an overdose of potassium.

The Idaho wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the defendant traveling nurse was negligent when he failed to check the IV saline solution bag that was marked with the other patient’s name and stated that it contained potassium. The traveling nurse’s employer is alleged to have failed to properly train and supervise the defendant traveling nurse, and failed to develop policies that would have prevented the incident from occurring.

The baby’s heartbroken parents moved away from Idaho after the death of their beloved child. They seek compensatory damages in excess of $75,000 in their Idaho medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit.

The county prosecutor’s office announced in January 2016 that it would not be filing criminal charges against the traveling nurse. The hospital where the baby died has stated that it has made changes to make sure that a similar incident does not occur in the future.


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