Connecticut Medical Malpractice Claims And Disciplinary Actions

There were a total of 16,631 physicians licensed in Connecticut in 2010, with 13,672 of the licensed physicians being in-state. The Connecticut Medical Examining Board reported that it took 35 total actions against physicians during 2010, down from 55 in 2009. The Board’s actions included 11 loss of licenses or licensed privileges and 12 restrictions of licenses or licensed privileges.


The Connecticut Department of Public Health receives and investigates complaints against doctors in Connecticut. The Connecticut Medical Examining Board receives the Department’s investigative findings and then adjudicates and decides the complaints based on the findings of the Department of Public Health. Since the Board relies on the findings of the Department, the Board does not independently investigate complaints against doctors or make its own findings based on its own investigations. This has led to criticism of the two-part investigative/adjudicative process regarding complaints against physicians in Connecticut instead of an independent medical board handling all aspects of the complaints.

Earlier this year, the Department and the Board came under scrutiny when it became public knowledge that a Connecticut obstetrician/gynecologist was fined $10,000.00 but allowed to keep his unrestricted medical license after he allegedly used his own sperm  during a fertility procedure in 2002 that resulted in the birth of twin girls. A lawsuit regarding the incident was filed in 2005 and settled shortly thereafter. The Board entered into a consent order with the obstetrician/gynecologist in which it was stipulated that the doctor used “another man’s sperm” during the fertility procedure. The chairman of the Board at the time subsequently stated that the Board was unaware of the allegation that the obstetrician/gynecologist used his own sperm. Evidently, the Department failed to advise the Bord regarding the specific allegations against the doctor.


If a Connecticut doctor or other medical provider (or a doctor or other medical provider in another state in the United States) caused serious injuries or death due to medical malpractice, the negligent medical provider may be held responsible to compensate the innocent victims of the medical mistakes or errors for their losses. Our website can help connect you with medical malpractice lawyers in your state who may be able to assist you with your medical malpractice claim. You may also reach us toll free at 800-295-3959.

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