Surgical Probe Left In Woman Following Gynecological Surgery

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA California woman and her California medical malpractice attorney are investigating whether to file a medical malpractice claim against a surgeon who allegedly left a surgical probe in the woman following gynecological surgery. They are also considering a medical malpractice claim against the surgery center where the surgery was performed.

The surgery took place in April 2016 and was supposed to be a routine surgical procedure to address the woman’s prolonged menstrual bleeding that caused her pain. The surgeon performed a uterine ablation and tubal ligation (the mother of three did not intend to have any more children). Instead of being relieved of her pain following the surgery, the woman experienced greater pain and advised her surgeon accordingly.

The woman returned to the OB/GYN on three separate occasions following her surgery, complaining that she had excruciating pain and was experiencing heavy bleeding. On her April 21, 2016 visit to the OB/GYN, her doctor diagnosed cellulitis. On her April 25, 2016 visit, the doctor diagnosed menorrhagia. On her third visit on June 16, 2016, the doctor diagnosed vaginitis. The doctor performed only one pelvic examination before diagnosing the woman as having a severe vaginal infection, for which she was prescribed several rounds of antibiotics therapy. Despite taking the antibiotics that were prescribed for her, the woman experienced constant nausea and had heavy cramping and lower back pain.

Finally, on July 3, 2016, the woman discovered the real cause of her pain and her other symptoms. While in her bathroom at home, the toilet paper she was using got caught on a metal probe within her body, after which she passed out, according to reports. The woman’s husband immediately brought her to the emergency room where an x-ray showed the surgical probe located in her vagina. The woman stated after the cause of her continuing pain and other symptoms was discovered, “I had this thing in me for eleven weeks … How did no one not see this? … The last thing I had on my mind leaving that day was, did they leave something in me?”

One question that has not yet been answered is how the doctor failed to discover the surgical probe within the woman’s pelvis during the pelvic examination in the doctor’s office.

The surgical center where the April procedure was performed, and the employer of the surgeon who had performed the surgery, have not commented on the woman’s allegations.


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