150th Consecutive Daily Blog (And Counting)

Today’s  blog represents the 150th consecutive daily entry appearing in this blog. Over 500 hours have been devoted to researching and writing the blogs that have appeared here.

We have addressed the official statistics regarding medical malpractice claims in the U.S. (March 5) as well as in individual states: California (March 28), New York (March 29), Maryland (March 30), Florida (March 31), Pennsylvania (April 1), North Carolina (April 24), Ohio (April 28), Connecticut (April 29), Washington State (April 30), Michigan (May 7), Missouri (May 14), Tennessee (May 26), West Virginia (May 27), Massachusetts (May 28), Iowa (May 29), and Oklahoma (June 3).

We have provided useful information regarding diseases such as gallbladder disease (July 17), multiple sclerosis (July 14), prostate cancer (July 23 and July 12), lung cancer (July 11 and July 10), colorectal cancer (July 9, July 7, July 6, and July 5), breast cancer (July 3, July 2, July 1, June 30, and June 29), birth defects (June 14 and June 15), autism (June 10), melanoma (June 6), Lyme disease (May 25 and June 2), irritable bowel disease (April 25), latent TB (May 19),  diabetes (May 22 and May 3), childhood obesity (May 4), dental disease (April 15), heart failure (April 12), mesothelioma (April 7), skin cancer (April 4), and cerebral palsy (March 14).

We have discussed the medical malpractice laws in West Virginia (July 30), Texas (July 29), North Carolina (July 27 and June 18), Maryland (March 10), as well as federal laws involving medical malpractice (July 25, May 18, May 17, March 24, March 17, and March 9).

We have provided statistics regarding mammograms (July 22), certain foods associated with weight gain ((July 21), medical devices (July 20), health care fraud (July 19), drug deaths (July 18), childhood food allergies (June 21), cancer statistics (June 20), trends in medical malpractice cases (June 16), cancer deaths (May 10), asthma rates (May 8), health insurance coverage (May 2), adverse medical events occurring in hospitals (April 19), the level of health in the U.S. (April 17), causes of death in the U.S. (April 16), the effect of lawsuits on nursing home care (April 9), the effect of medical errors on the U.S. economy (April 8), statistics regarding physicians in the U.S. (April 6), statistics regarding organ transplants in the U.S. (April 5), central line bloodstream infections (March 27), medical malpractice litigation statistics (March 25), medical malpractice insurance costs in the U.S. (March 18), falls in older adults (March 16), and health care costs and tort reform (March 8).

We have blogged about medical malpractice jury trials (June 28, June 27, and June 26), finding and hiring medical malpractice lawyers ( June 25, June 24, June 23, and June 22), drugs [Tylenol (July 31), name brand drugs versus generic drugs (July 28), drug advertising (June 13), children’s acetaminophen (May 20), the use and misuse of pain killers ((April 21), medication errors due to similar looking and sounding medications (March 13), and medication errors occurring in pharmacies (March 12)], food allergies (May 6), diet versus regular sodas (April 27), obesity and surgery (April 26), birth control and blood clots (April 23), and radiation exposure (April 3, April 2, and March 19).

We have provided our own opinions regarding tort reformers (July 24), lessons learned from the Casey Anthony jury trial (July 8), nursing home care (June 9), medical malpractice insurance premiums and tort reform (June 5), fully compensating victims of medical malpractice negligence (June 5), the qualities of the best personal physicians (May 16), medical malpractice lawyers as modern day heroes (May 12), obesity in children (May 5), over-the-counter drug packaging (May 1), television advertising by hospitals (April 22), television advertising for drugs (April 18), the cleanliness of doctor’s examining rooms (April 11), the waiting times in doctor’s offices (April 10), avoiding medical errors (March 21 and March 20), and researching health care information over the internet (March 7).

We have discussed chronic diseases (July 26), nursing home rights (June 17), carbon monoxide poisoning (June 12), nursing home falls (June 11), salmonella infections (June 8), bed bugs (June 7), e. coli (June 4), cell phones and cancer (June 1), deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (May 31), stroke (May 24), medical devices (May 23), second-hand smoke (May 21), medical identity theft (May 11), signs of elder abuse (May 9), proper hand washing (March 23), surgical mistakes (March 22), bed sores in nursing home residents (March 17), fall prevention (March 15), and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (March 6).

We have analyzed if there will be enough doctors in the U.S. (March 26), whether top-rated hospitals lead to better patient safety (March 11), and have compared the comparative negligence standard to the contributory negligence standard (April 20). We have defined medical malpractice and medical malpractice negligence (July 16 and July 15) and we have discussed who pays for medical malpractice mistakes (July 13).

In all of our blogging endeavors, we have strived to educate, enlighten, entertain (in some blogs!), and assist you in understanding medical malpractice, its causes, its results, its victims, its perpetrators, and the current attacks on our previously long-standing, equitable, and fair system of compensating innocent victims of careless and sometimes incompetent medical treatment.

We invite you to visit our website to be connected with medical malpractice lawyers in your local area who may be able to assist you with your medical malpractice claim or call us toll free 800-295-3959. Turn to us when you don’t know where to turn.

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