Mexican Medical Malpractice Claim Alleges Delayed C-Section Resulted In Death In Womb

The Mexico News Today reported that the Mexican Institute of Social Security is investigating the death of a full term baby in utero that the mother alleges in her Mexican medical malpractice claim was due to the hospital negligently delaying her delivery by Cesarean section. The mother alleges that she was admitted to the hospital for five days without delivering her baby before the fetal heartbeat could not be detected on May 3, 2018.

The mother alleges in her Mexican medical malpractice claim that the hospital medical staff told her that they could not deliver her baby sooner because she had an infection, and that performing a Cesarean section delivery earlier would have put her life at risk.

The expectant mother was admitted to the hospital at the end of April 2018. She waited to deliver her baby by Cesarean section but she was never brought to the operating room. She trusted the hospital to deliver proper care during her labor and delivey because she had successfully delivered her first child at the same hospital.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security reportedly removed four of the hospital’s employees and expected other employees who failed to intervene in the woman’s care to also be removed from their positions.

The parents-to-be issued a statement in which they said, “We want them to listen to us so that there are no more people who suffer like us. Now they listen to us because it came out in networks, but surely there are many cases that are not in the media and also deserve to be heard.”


Resolution Of Medical Malpractice Claims In Mexico (From The CONAMED Website)

The National Medical Arbitration Commission is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Health, created by presidential decree, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation of June 3, 1996, to protect the right to health protection as well as to improve the quality in the provision of medical services.

CONAMED is a specialized body with technical autonomy and has the power to receive complaints, investigate alleged irregularities in the provision of medical services and issue their opinions, agreements and awards, which allows it to solve the conflicts acting with impartiality, confidentiality and respect, through alternative procedures for the resolution of conflicts such as: orientation, immediate management, conciliation and arbitration (Mexican Model of Medical Arbitration).

It allows citizens and health service providers to settle and resolve their differences or complaints, in a specialized environment, with full respect for their rights, obligations and with attachment to the lex artis medical, deontology and applicable regulations. The basic process is summarized in a modular attention that ensures a specialized and personalized service, through competent personnel, both medical and legal and applies standardized processes. Both parties, promoter and defendant, must accept, voluntarily and in good faith the institutional procedure; which starts with the presentation of the medical complaint.

Because the attention is granted by a specialized body that has expert professionals for timely and expeditious relief of the matter. The usual complex formulas in the courts and all procedures are free. All cases are dealt with impartially as alleged and tried by the parties to the proceedings, always seeking knowledge of the truth, in order to achieve justice in the pronouncements it issues. The procedure is confidential and respectful. The dignified procedures, eliminating any penalistic aspect to situations that should only be attended to at an angle of civil law, social security and health law.


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