$18.6M Maryland Medical Malpractice Verdict For 28-Year-Old’s Anoxic Brain Injury Due To Hospital Negligence

On November 3, 2017, a Baltimore medical malpractice jury awarded $18.6 million to a 28-year-old man for the catastrophic brain injury he suffered due to hospital negligence that occurred while the man was in the hospital being treated for an inflamed pancreas. The $18.6 million Baltimore medical malpractice verdict included $15.6 million for economic damages and $3 million for non-economic damages. The noneconomic damages portion of the Baltimore medical malpractice jury’s verdict ($3 million) will be reduced pursuant to Maryland’s cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases, leaving a verdict in the amount of $16.3 million.

The father of two was in the hospital when he was diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas in March 2014. He was put on anticoagulant medication for two days before a physician took him off of the anti-clotting medication on the third day, without advising the attending physician regarding same. Despite the anti-clotting medication being later resumed, the man developed a clot in his leg.

While walking in the hallway in the defendant hospital, the man suffered a heart attack and fell, which caused the clot to travel from his leg to his lungs. There was an alleged delay in the doctors responding to the man’s fall, and it took the hospital staff more than 20 minutes to revive the man. The Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the delay in proper treatment that could have broken up the clot before it traveled to the man’s brain led to the avoidable catastrophic brain injury when the clot traveled to his brain. After suffering his anoxic brain injury, the man was in the hospital for two months followed by eighteen months in rehab.

The brain injury suffered by the now 31-year-old man resulted in severe and permanent cognitive impairments and physical disabilities. The man spends his time in a wheelchair and can only walk 20 to 30 feet, with assistance. While he can recognize his surroundings, he is unable to communicate. The former football and soccer coach now resides in a residential group home located an hour and a half away from his parents’ home.

The Maryland medical malpractice case was bifurcated, meaning that the Maryland medical malpractice jury determined the issue of liability first. If the jury had found against the plaintiff on the medical liability issue, then a judgment would have been entered in favor of the defendant hospital without the jury ever having heard testimony regarding the man’s injuries. As it turns out, the Maryland medical malpractice jury deliberated for four hours and twenty minutes before finding in favor of the plaintiff on the liability issue. The Maryland medical malpractice jury then returned the next day to hear testimony with regard to the man’s damages claim. The Maryland medical malpractice jury deliberated for fifty minutes before rendering its verdict in the amount of $18.6 million.


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