One Oregon Hospital Defending Against Three Birth Injury Malpractice Cases

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAn Oregon hospital is presently defending three birth injury medical malpractice cases that are seeking almost $100 million in damages for the cerebral palsy injuries that three babies allegedly suffered during delivery at the hospital during a two-year period. Each of the three birth injury malpractice cases alleges that the hospital’s delivery room medical personnel were negligent, resulting in permanent brain injuries suffered by the newborns.

In one of the medical malpractice cases, the first-time parents allege that their 10-pound baby became stuck in the birth canal during delivery in 2007, at which time the delivery room nurses gave the mother medication intended to progress the delivery but the baby was still not delivered hours later. When the baby was finally delivered by Cesarean section, the baby was lifeless at the time of delivery and had to be resuscitated.

The parents’ medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the hospital took too long to provide appropriate medical staff and medical equipment to timely resuscitate their baby, resulting in the devastating permanent brain injury. Their son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two; he now suffers speech disabilities, has rage tantrums, and his right leg and right arm muscles are not fully developed; he will be required to use leg braces and undergo surgeries that would have been avoided with timely and proper medical care, according to the parents’ malpractice lawsuit. The doctor involved in the delivery denies his liability for the child’s alleged injuries, claiming that he was responsible for the medical care of the mother only, and not the baby.

The two other medical malpractice cases filed against the same Oregon hospital involve allegations that medical negligence during delivery resulted in their child’s cerebral palsy. According to a cerebral palsy medical expert, 8% of full-term healthy pregnancies that result in babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy are due to issues during delivery and are difficult to prove.

The defendant hospital has denied the medical negligence allegations in all three medical malpractice cases filed against it.

It has been reported that the hospital named as the defendant in all three Oregon birth injury medical malpractice claims was named as one of the best hospitals in Oregon in 2009 based on patient surveys, according to a consumer organization. However, in 2013, the same hospital was one of the most penalized hospitals in Oregon by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid due to unacceptable death rates and patient dissatisfaction, according to reports.


If your child was injured during birth, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, or was otherwise harmed during pregnancy,  labor, or delivery, you should promptly consult with a local medical malpractice attorney (birth injury attorney) in your U.S. state who may investigate the cause of your baby’s injury and represent you and your baby in a birth injury malpractice claim, if appropriate.

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